MAPPED: How to annoy different Europeans in one sentence

Map of how to annoy europeans and angry man


Map: Discover how to annoy people across Europe

A new map shows just how to hit different Europeans where it hurts, giving a sentence for each country guaranteed to irritate its citizens.

Inspired by a popular Reddit thread entitled How to Irritate a Citizen of Each European Country in Five Words or Less, the map details the top phrases posted to the forum.

The thread garnered more than 3,600 suggestions, with only the best selected to create the controversial map, compiled by graphic design company Sigmagfx.

Geography-based gripes were commonplace – Scotland’s phrase guaranteed to annoy was, “Where in England is that?”

Map of how to annoy europeans

Map: This is how to annoy people from every European country

If you want to upset a Frenchman, the best tactic is to attack his country’s wine

The Baltic states, made up of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, apparently hate the question: “Baltics? You’re Russians, right?”

Meanwhile, citizens of the Czech Republic, based in central Europe, are not fans of the question: “Are you Eastern Europeans?”

If you want to upset a Frenchman, the best tactic is to attack his country’s wine, according to the map.

The sentence to stir up trouble in France was: “American wines are better.”

Similarly, Italians are precious about their food.

“I like pasta with ketchup,” are five words likely to put the cat among the pigeons in Italy.

This comes after reported on the fattest countries in the world.

Many of the countries with the highest proportion of obesity are small Pacific Island nations, where approximately four out of every five citizens are overweight or obese.

The world’s fattest country is Palau, an archipelago of over 500 islands in the western Pacific ocean with a population of just over 20,000.

According to the CIA’s World Factbook, 47.1 per cent of Palau’s population is obese.

It is quickly followed by Nauru (45.1 per cent), Marshall Islands (42.3 per cent), Samoa (41.6 per cent) and Tonga (41.1 per cent) – all of which are island nations in the Pacific.

Some experts have theorised that the reason for such high obesity levels on these islands is that almost all foods are imported, and therefore expensive.

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