WATCH: Terrifying moment a bus teeters on the EDGE of a cliff in the Himalayas

The video is filmed by a camera out of the window of a minibus, and shows the massive drop to the valley below.

The ‘road’ is little more than a dirt track on the edge of a cliff in the Himalayas – and there’s nothing to stop the minibus driving off the edge.

No barrier, no rope – nothing.

The footage shows the passenger in front sticking his head out of the window and laughing and smiling, possibly with some degree of hysteria, as he looks at the gargantuan drop below.

Himalayas bus ride on mountain road

Viral video: Footage shows a terrifying bus ride in the Himalayas

This made me start on heart medication

It is clear that the edge is a sheer cliff face and that if the vehicle did make a false step, the results would be fatal.

The gap between the bus and the cliff edge appears, from the video, to only be a couple of feet.

To make matters worse, the track also winds around the mountain side in stomach-churning fashion.

The video was first shared online back in July 2014, when it wracked up over 2,750,000 views.

It was uploaded to image-sharing site Imgur eight hours ago, since when it has shocked viewers.

One person commented: “How many people die on tour buses like this per year?”

Another wrote: “This made me start on heart medication.”

This comes after reported on a video of a great white shark swimming up a canal at Sydney Airport in Australia.

Himalayas bus ride on mountain road

Viral video: This bus takes on a dangerous bus ride in the Himalayas

The daunting footage was captured at Alexandra Canal in Sydney’s south. 

Lurking in the water at a distance was a distinct fin stalking along next to a bridge. 

The fin suddenly started moving in the direction of the camera, coming right up to the bank of the canal. 

As it turned around against the wall of the waterway, the great white could be clearly seen just under the water. 

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